Thanks for stopping by! I created this site in support of Nathan Johnson, one of the best candidates for the Texas state senate I’ve seen in years. He supports the issues I believe in and is endorsed by homegrown Texans like us!

Let me give you a little background about Nathan. After graduating with a degree in physics from the University of Arizona, Nathan moved on to the University of Texas to pursue a degree in law. While in college, Nathan volunteered in helping domestic violence victims, something that helped ignite his passion for public service.

After obtaining his degree, Nathan did more than just give lip service to his desire to help the public. Nathan has provided pro bono legal services for the Human Rights Initiative here in Texas and has worked with his wife in helping homeless families in the state. He’s also coached youth soccer and participated in local reading programs at his neighborhood library!

While Nathan’s legal practice revolves around business law, he’s known for wanting to help clients and the opposing side come to amicable resolutions in their disputes so they can get on with running their business and with their lives! Nathan is known for being tough and tenacious but very compassionate even to opposing parties sitting opposite him in court.

Not many senate candidates have a track record for public service as does Nathan and not many care about their local neighborhoods in the same way either. Nathan has also shown a very fair and balanced view of all the hot-button issues today, including gun control, border security, healthcare, and taxation.


Nathan’s tireless work over the years has also proven that he has the stamina and dedication needed to get things done! An attorney who has shown his compassion and respect for the other side is also the most qualified to reach across the aisle of the senate floor and work past the polarization so common in the senate.

I know that senate races and candidates come and go but I also know that, win or lose, Nathan’s dedication to the state of Texas is here to stay. He wants nothing more than to see all Texans and Americans alike succeed in business and enjoy the highest quality of living possible. That means a living wage, expanded healthcare benefits, low taxes, and safe, secure neighborhoods.

I hope you enjoy this site and decide to support Nathan and get involved in your own local politics as well. Please take a look at some of articles on the home page of my website. Taking the initiative to change our government is the only way to change our local and national economies and keep our country strong. I’d like to say thank-you to businesses that have come forward to support Nathan and hope everyone else will as well!