“Nathan Johnson is someone who doesn’t just talk a good game but he gets busy and gets his hands dirty when it’s time to make changes that benefit everyone in this great state! He knows what needs to be done when it comes to one of the most important subjects for citizens: quality education for everyone.”

Bristol Cohen, Retired Teacher, Dallas

Edit Edit “Nathan has a great bipartisan approach that reaches across the aisle and helps encourage everyone to work together. We need someone like him in the senate.”

John Greenfield, Business Owner, Plano

“Everyone likes to talk about being tough yet fair, but Nathan has shown himself to be someone who understands the difficult issues surrounding gun control and secure borders. I think he’s the right choice for senate and for this state!”

Martin Mohr, Self-Employed, Abilene

“Texas needs someone in the senate who understands the unique nature of our border state. We also need better representation for everyone no matter who they are since that’s what really makes us great. Nathan believes in equal pay for equal work and wants a strong border that still allows for diversity. I think he knows his stuff and is the right choice for our state.”

Bill Piran, Texas Firefighter (Retired), Calvert

“Texas needs someone who stands up for all its citizens and I think Nathan is the man for the job. He gets things done but does so with respect for everyone involved.”

Chad Kaminski, Eureka

In return for their support, the team supporting Nathan Johnson have also given their endorsement to several local businesses in the area. We appreciate their candor and know that together we can build a stronger state and a stronger country!

Because of these wonderful endorsements. We have decided to give back and give our endorsement to top local businesses in some of the area. You can read the full writeup of our endorsements on the home page of our website.