There are so many hot-button issues in politics today, from gun control to healthcare to border security and so much more! One thing I admire about Nathan Johnson is that he doesn’t shy away from even the toughest questions and decisions that need to be made in order to move the state forward. Check out his standing on some of the most important political topics facing us today. If you like what you read, feel free to contact us and give us feedback!

Public Education Funding

Too many politicians are happy to fund prisons over funding education! While Texas needs safe neighborhoods, a failure in education often leads to higher crime rates and the need to fund even more prisons.

Nathan firmly believes that funding for education should always be a top priority, and especially for teaching children the basics including reading comprehension, math, history, and civics. Increased access to community colleges is also a top priority for Nathan, so residents can continue their education long after finishing their basic schooling!

Nathan also believes that public education funding shouldn’t mean higher taxes for anyone. A better, more balanced budget with quality priorities means funding education before funding prisons rather than taking more money from Texas taxpayers. With better priorities the state can have better schools while not neglecting the need for safe neighborhoods and while keeping taxes low.


Texas has a strong business sector and some of the hardest working residents in the country, which is why Nathan firmly believes in investing in the state’s infrastructure. Rather than pursuing legislation that would hurt businesses and the strong economy in the state, Nathan believes that the best way forward is to invest in the state itself! A strong infrastructure helps support workers and businesses which keeps the economy strong while also attracting new businesses to the area.


Expanded Healthcare

The argument over whether or not healthcare is a right or a privilege is mere semantics in Nathan’s eyes! Rather than argue over words and terms, Nathan believes that everyone in the state and the country should have access to affordable healthcare over the course of their lifetime. Healthy citizens are more productive, work harder, pay more in taxes, cost other taxpayers and insurance holders less, and enjoy a higher quality of life overall.


Expanding affordable access to healthcare for Texas citizens actually means less state support for its citizens. Rather than arguing over rhetoric, Nathan believes it’s time to get things done when it comes to quality healthcare in this state, and hopefully the rest of the country will follow his lead!


Equal Opportunity

Nathan firmly believes that everyone in the state of Texas deserves an equal opportunity to succeed. The more successful citizens in the state, the stronger the tax base and less need for state support! Why deny jobs, housing, and other great opportunities in the state of Texas to one of its citizens based on their gender or sexual orientation? Nathan doesn’t think that’s the way forward!


Rather than shutting the door of opportunity to anyone, Nathan believes that all citizens should be treated equally on the job and when it comes to housing, schooling, and everything else. Diversity is the backbone of our country and Nathan knows that a diverse workforce and neighborhood is the best way to keep the state and the country strong.


Despite the state’s strong economy, Texas has some of the weakest equal pay laws in the country and Nathan strongly believes it’s time for that to change! Ensuring equal pay for everyone ensures that families and children especially are secure and also means fewer people who might need state support over the years. Ensuring equal pay is also just the right thing to do for Texans!


Gun Control


Nathan believes firmly in our country’s second amendment and knows that effective gun control and legislation doesn’t infringe on anyone’s rights. Thorough background checks ensure that guns are kept out of the hands of those who would pose a danger to others while mandatory firearms classes strengthens the security of every neighborhood and gun owners themselves!


Because of having worked with domestic violence victims, Nathan also knows that “extreme risk” legislation protects Texans while keeping guns out of the hands of those who would use them against innocent citizens. Respecting everyone’s rights and ensuring their protection is the best way to build a strong state and Nathan’s views on gun control respect all those sides of the issue.




Perhaps one of the most heated and controversial topics in politics today, Nathan recognizes the need for strong borders that keep out guns, drugs, and criminals, while also recognizing the contributions of legal immigrants and Dreamers. One important aspect of this subject is listening to local law enforcement and ensuring their experience in keeping neighborhoods safe is heard and respected.


Small, Local Government


Nathan is a firm believer in small, local governments handling local matters as much as possible. After all, local governments know the needs of their citizens and neighborhoods more so than legislators residing hundreds of miles away and even out of state! Smaller government also means less tax burden on citizens and more accountability for those in office.


I hope you decide to support Nathan on these issues and so many others. No matter the outcome of any run for office he chooses, Nathan is dedicated to building a stronger state and a stronger country overall. No matter the political issue, he strives to be fair and balanced and encourage everyone to work together to help build a strong economy, safe neighborhoods, and the best state in the nation!