The Right Priorities
For Texas

About Nathan

Nathan graduated magna cum laude with a degree in Physics from the University of Arizona, and earned his law degree from the University of Texas at Austin. This formal training – the rigor of science and the analytical pragmatism of law – forms the foundation of Nathan’s approach to public policy. But it was his volunteer work in college for victims of domestic violence that ignited his passion for public service.

Among other civic activities, Nathan has provided pro-bono legal counsel for the Human Rights Initiative of North Texas, coached soccer teams for the YMCA, tutored with Reading Partners at neighborhood public schools, chaired the Dallas County Trails and Preserve Board, and served on boards spanning education, the arts, and public policy. His wife Anne, also an attorney, chairs the Board of Family Gateway, where he and their three kids join her in assisting homeless families.

At the law firm he co-founded, Nathan helps clients resolve business disputes so that they can focus on their businesses and their lives. He is known as a tenacious advocate who gets things done – ethically and effectively. Nathan has also owned a music production business, where he composed music for the classical concert stage and the hit television series Dragon Ball Z.

What others are saying about Nathan:

“Nathan is damn smart and damn humble. He will make us proud.”

— Opposing legal counsel who is supporting Nathan

“His fair-minded, thoughtful pragmatism cuts through the BS of the kind of mindless partisanship we see crippling our country. It makes him the candidate I’ll back.”

— Lifelong conservative who is supporting Nathan

“He does the right thing when no one is looking.”

— Anne, his wife, who is supporting Nathan

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