Sam Coats: Immediate Past Chair of Board of Directors at DFW Airport, and Democratic former State Representative

“Nathan Johnson is the kind of person who you wish would run for office, but very seldom does.”

Tracy Fisher, Education Advocate at Coppell ISD, Republican Precinct Chair

“Nathan is not an ideologue. He’s reasonable, can work across the aisle, and will work hard on the issue that’s most important to me: public education.”

Miguel Solis, Dallas ISD Board Trustee

“The time has come for leadership, for change, and that change is Nathan Johnson.”

Texas Parent PAC, a bi-partisan organization supporting quality public education

“Families deserve a state senator of Nathan Johnson’s caliber. He has the intellect to deal with complicated issues and the compassion to do what is right for schoolchildren and public education. Unlike his opponent, Nathan Johnson has the temperament of a statesman. He really listens to parents and will effectively advocate for children and families at the Capitol.”

The Honorable Mike Rawlings

“This election is about the freedom of city leaders to do their jobs with support – not roadblocks – from our state legislators. It’s also about the future of our public schools. Nathan Johnson supports both of those things. He’s practical, reasonable and he will always strive to do what’s best for the people of our communities. I would be thrilled to work with him to continue to move Dallas forward in the next legislative session.”

Bob Deuell, Republican former State Senator

“Huffines is one of the most ineffective members of the Texas Senate. He has passed virtually no bills and nothing of consequence. His demagoguery has prevented him from effectively representing his constituents and the people of Texas. Dallas and Senate District 16 need strong and effective leadership in the state senate and not rote scorecard voting. We need an informed and independent senator that will put the district and Texas first. We have that in Nathan Johnson. Regardless of party affiliation or political philosophy, if you care about the important issues facing our community and state you will vote for Nathan Johnson.”

Ron Kirk, former U.S. Trade Representative and Dallas Mayor

“Nathan Johnson is one of the most exciting and inspired candidates for office that I’ve met in a long time. ..and that’s why I’ve decided to endorse Nathan in this critical race.”

Dallas Morning News

“In the upcoming legislative session, Texas lawmakers must be willing to set aside hyperpartisan agendas and focus on the serious issues facing our state. With this in mind, we give the nod for the District 16 Senate seat to Democrat Nathan Johnson over Republican incumbent Don Huffines.”

J. Peter Kline, former CEO of Bristol Hotels & Resorts

“While Senator Huffines will label Nathan as a wild-eyed liberal, if you take the time to study his positions, you will find him to be a fiscal conservative who has a pragmatic, pro-business approach to social issues.  By electing Nathan Johnson to the Texas Senate, we can help move the Senate agenda back toward good governance and away from ideological extremes.”

Texas Firefighters Association

“Texas firefighters endorse Nathan Johnson for Texas Senate. He is the right candidate and deserves your vote. Nathan is right on public safety and will protect our community in keeping the best firefighters. Nathan is right on workers compensation reform and will fight to provide the care for firefighters injured or killed in the line of duty. Nathan is right on ensuring a positive working environment with collaborative labor-management relations. A vote for Nathan Johnson is a vote to prevent politicians from “digging in” to your right to community-driven public safety. Voting for Nathan Johnson is a vote to support your local firefighters.”

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