The Right Priorities
For Texas

Why me, why now?

Politics is about answering hard questions. And the approach matters. The approach today is divisive, reactionary, and ill-informed. Not surprising, then, that the results we’ve seen have been so alarmingly counterproductive. But we don’t have to settle for this.

When we change the approach, we change the outcome. I want to know why, if school property taxes are up, school funding isn’t. I want to know why, if the Senate is concerned about public safety, they passed an immigration law that makes us less safe. And why, if they wanted to protect women, they failed to help solve the crimes against 3,000 rape victims but passed a bathroom bill that protects no one.

On this site and throughout my campaign we’ll discuss core values and explore a more productive approach to developing specific policies that serve those values. I’ll be adding information and policies to this site and throughout our various media channels, so please sign up to receive the latest updates.

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